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Family Portraits Campbelltown, NSW

A family portrait tells a story and shares an essence of family history. Taking family portraits can be done DIY or by professionals. Whether you use your camera or hire a photographer, it is essential to get the best quality photos. Since a family portrait isn’t the same as any other photograph captured on your smartphone or digital compact camera, hiring a professional portrait photographer can put that special added touch to your family pictures. These pictures would serve as heirlooms to future generations.

Photography Inc. captures those precious family moments for you. We provide creative and candid “true-to-life,” professionally taken photographs that highlights the love and affection between family members. Trust us; it won’t be difficult to get everyone in front of the camera when we are taking your family portraits. We serve clients throughout Campbelltown, Narellan, Camden, Gregory Hills, Hoxton Park, Oran Park, Bowral, Liverpool, Picton, and Wollongong, NSW. Call us at 0402-680-099 and let us help you showcase the love and special relationship within the whole family!

Tips for Picture Perfect Family Portraits

Beautiful and creative family portraits represent the family members in the most flattering way possible. But these portraits also give a sense of personality to the family - its members, and the love and connection that emanates from their smiles and expressions.

To get the most out of your family photo session, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Choose a theme

Find a theme that reflects the personality of your family. It may not be Halloween season, but getting dressed up can turn out great. Whether you want to deck out in vibrant, time-period outfits or just formal dresses and tuxedos, your kids will love it, and you get to have fun as well. Your outfits should match your theme – whether it’s candid, traditional or conceptual.


Digital photo manipulation may come in handy to improve a photo’s lighting or tweak a background. You may see many family snapshots taken at a photo studio. But a natural backdrop is more attractive and convenient. You can achieve great family portraits by opting for outdoor photo sessions. Natural lighting is best on sunny days, but if you want to add drama and shadows, you can shoot your photos before sunset or after sunrise.

Photographing kids

Kids, especially toddlers, are quite challenging to capture. They hardly sit still! Props are great tools to use when photographing your children. Children’s honest reactions to their environment make them excellent candid portrait subjects. Even when they are aware of the camera's attention on them – the kids look great on open shots.

Perspective and angle

Consider photographing the subject from different angles and viewpoints. Sometimes shifting your view helps to highlight the mood and sets the overall expression of your family portrait. Maybe a lifestyle-type shot of the family holding hands while walking away or everyone's bare feet in the sand, etc.

Getting a Pro for Family Portrait Photography

A professional family portrait photographer provides you not only with high-quality photos but also excellent tips on how to capture your dream family portraits. In addition, the photographer’s experience, skills, training, and equipment will give you the best photo session experience. Not only that, professional photographers offer after-photo services, such as printed copies, frames, and albums.


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