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Newborn Photography Campbelltown, NSW

Nothing beats the excitement of having a new bundle of joy into the family. Babies, they say, are heaven-sent. Now, if you’re among those eager parents who wish to capture some sweet memories of their newborn, newborn photography is the way to go. However, unlike your usual family pictures, taking photos of a baby who is just several days or weeks old takes more than having a point-and-shoot camera. If you truly want the still photographs to be artistically done and stunning, you should strongly consider getting the services of professional photographers.

By getting the services of a professional photographer, your little one will surely be in good hands. The session will go on smoothly as experienced photographers know how to properly handle newborn children. You can be sure that the shots will be creative, detailed, and just mesmerizing. Incidentally, Photography Inc. under Daniela Fedele is one of the most sought after newborn photography experts in NSW. She has decades of experience in this specialized area of photography and has already served countless parents through her exceptional skills. Her clients all over Campbelltown, Narellan, Camden, Gregory hills, Oran Park, Hoxton Park, Liverpool, Bowral, Picton, Wollongong, NSW have nothing but praises for her work ethic, creative flair, and mastery of her craft. In her hands, babies are carefully captured in their most relaxed postures, with emphasis on their angelic faces. Call Daniela today at 0402-680-099 to learn more about her services.

Preparing for Newborn Photography Sessions

Newborn photography is quite different from the usual family or wedding photography. If you’re planning to have one for your soon-to-be-born or newborn child, you should be completely ready for the session which typically lasts up to five hours or longer. You should therefore bring change of clothing for your baby, diapers, milk (in case you’re not a breastfeeding mom), and other baby supplies. You should also discuss your preferred type of session (posed or lifestyle), as well as your target date (more details later). If possible, you should also disclose with your photographer any specific details about your child’s condition or temperament to facilitate a hassle-free session.

What is the Perfect Age for Newborn Photography Session?

Newborn photography sessions should be done at the right age if you want to capture the best photos of your child. Ideally, babies are best photographed when they are 5-12 days old. This is because babies this age are mostly asleep and naturally curls up into adorable poses, which could guarantee stunning shots. Babies who are a month or older are harder to pose into the desired position, so better keep in mind the recommended age for this particular type of photography.

Choosing between Posed and Lifestyle Sessions

There are essentially two types of newborn photography sessions that you may choose from. One is the posed/studio sessions, in which babies are either wrapped in blankets, headbands, hats, or just lying on a bed or any fluffy material. Most posed sessions show babies peacefully asleep, which is normally a tender, touching moment to behold.

Another option for parents is the lifestyle session. In this type, the baby is typically photographed with the parents and siblings in their home, whether inside or outdoors. They are also captured in moments that are laidback, candid, and natural. Many parents prefer this option since it is both glamorous and more relaxed.


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